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Campania's tourist destination par excellence for its natural and artistic beauty and its traditions, Sorrento is the largest centre for number of services offered and also the best known and most named of the entire Sorrento Peninsula. The historical centre of Sorrento still shows the orthogonal layout of the streets of Roman origin, while upstream it is surrounded by 16th-century walls. It is home to the Cathedral, rebuilt in the 15th century, with a neo-Gothic façade, and the Church of San Francesco d'Assisi, with a remarkable 14th-century small 14th-century cloister with an arabesque portico of arches intertwining on orthogonal pillars.

Sorrento coast
Amalfi Coast


Thanks to the mild climate and the beauty of the landscape, Positano has been a holiday resort since the time of the Roman Empire, as attested by the discovery of a villa and further recent finds dating back to 2004. Typical are the many 'stairways' that lead from the top of the town down to the beach. The main beaches are Spiaggia Grande and Spiaggia di Fornillo, both of which can be reached on foot; the others are La Porta, Arienzo and San Pietro Laurito, all of which can be reached mainly by sea.


The Amalfi coast is the stretch of coastline in Campania, located south of the Sorrento peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno; it is bordered to the west by Positano and to the east by Vietri sul Mare. It is a stretch of coastline famous throughout the world for its natural beauty and home to important tourist settlements. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it takes its name from the town of Amalfi, the central nucleus of the Coast not only geographically but also historically. The Amalfi Coast is known for its heterogeneity: each of the towns on the Coast has its own character and traditions.

Sorrento coast


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